What can a
Registered Health Information Administrator
do for you and your business?
         According to the American Health Information Management Association, a Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) is "skilled in the collection, interpretation, and analysis of patient data. Additionally, they receive the training necessary to assume managerial positions related to these functions. RHIAs interact with all levels of an organization: clinical, financial, legal, administrative, any that employ healthcare or patient data in decision making and every day operations."
         This expertise, combined with a successful career in nursing, provides you with a uniquely qualified resource for any task related to health information.
Job Summaries
       Lead the development, implementation, and maintenance of an orgnization's strategy for                    monitoring their effectiveness in meeting legal and regulatory requirements.

        Provide expert advice on compliance monitoring and reporting to compliance committees and          staff assigned compliance roles by department management.

        Manage the organization-wide Health Information Management Policy & Procedures process.

        Develop, coordinate and maintain the policy approval process of a web-based distribution of             organizational policies.

        Coordinate processes to aggregate results for the most critical legal and regulatory issues,                and prepare periodic summaries of monitoring results for use by compliance leaders, senior             management, and audit committees.

         Provide advice to departmental staff on policy development for the storage, maintenance, and           transfer of healthcare information.

         Expert medical record review for the purposes of data abstraction, audits, compliance                        monitoring, HEDIS measures, and legal representation.

         Corporate consultant and Privacy Officer in the private sector to ensure compliance with                     HIPPA.
This page last updated on September 30, 2008