Why hire a Legal Nurse Consultant?
                                                            The American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants                      (www.aalnc.org) defines Legal Nurse Consultants as Registered Nurses who "comprise a specialty practice of the nursing profession whose primary role is to evaluate, analyze, and render informed opinions on the delivery of healthcare and its outcomes."
The reality is, LNCCs are an innovative group and have been expanding duties over the past decade. RNhelp staff routinely perform such tasks as medical record review, creating a "plain English" presentation of a medical record for a jury, performing audits of every kind from fraud detection to claim denials, educating the legal profession about healthcare issues, assisting in deposition preparation and choosing expert witnesses, attending Independent Medical Exams and assessing potential malpractice and medical negligence cases for medical merit.
Why hire a LNCC when you could hire an MD?
  Sometimes you shouldn't. Often the education and working experience of a nurse is equally valuable and possibly more appropriate to the evaluation of patient care, policy, and procedure. The majority of any medical record is written by nurses; who better to judge and interpret the contents?
  Smart consumers budget wisely and pay the more reasonable fee for the LNCC and get the job done promptly. Pay the MD fees when you truly need their extensive education and diagnostic expertise.
Why hire a LNCC when you have a paralegal down the hall?
  The fact is, even the most experienced paralegals cannot find their way around a patient's chart as well as a nurse can. A tiny detail which an RN recognizes as a red flag is often missed by a reviewer without extensive healthcare training and experience.  A certified Legal Nurse Consultant who is also certified as a Registered Health Information Administrator is uniquely qualified to be your best resource and the last word in obtaining your client's complete medical record.
  Using a certified Legal Nurse Consultant is like working with a safety net. Be assured of no unpleasant surprises after you thought you had all the facts from the medical record.
Legal Nurse Consultant - Does the certification matter?
  Preparing for and passing a certification exam which is sponsored by a national professional organization does mean something. Not only does the certification  offer objective validation of ones legal nurse consulting experience, it protects the consumer and offers a higher standard by which the nurse has been measured. To learn more details about our professional accountability and how it applies to the LNCC scope of practice, please visit the AALNC webpage.
  Unlike some certificate programs being offered by private educational providers, the LNCC program is practice-based. It is not intended to teach individuals how to become legal nurse consultants. Rather, it is designed by AALNC to measure an individual's "knowledge-in-use" - the application of knowledge and skills by those with real-life experience in this role.
  By setting and enforcing standards for certification, the American Board of Nursing Specialties (ABNS) seeks to protect the public and consumers through their mission to provide assurance to the public that the nurse holding the credential from an accredited certification program possesses the knowledge, skills and competency for quality practice in their particular specialty. In compliance with ABNS standards and requirements, the American Legal Nurse Consultant Certification Board (ALNCCB) certifies legal nurse consultant professionals through the Legal Nurse Consultant Certified (LNCC) program.